Hiring Bootcamp: Demo Day

By 7pm we all sat around finishing our Sam Adams, talking about jobs and how we’d get together still on Saturdays. Not a bad way to end. Not bad at all.

I woke up today to an email saying that it was time to move out of the classroom, and that we would present starting at 5pm. I spent the day in a coffeeshop near the classroom, working away at job applications and doing some last minute polishing for IndieTheater.

Then we set up shop in the classroom for the new class and showed off what we had done. I focused on my website and IndieTheater, talking about my shiny javascript and determination to hack.

Speaking of, I got the suggestion to do a couple of big things:

Item 1: Add a projects page to the website where I can brag about all the cool stuff I’ve made. Makes sense…I guess? Also need to update one of those pictures - who uses a while loop for FizzBuzz?

Item 2: Start consulting. A man needs to eat. And now I’ll have to pay for internets too. Time to start getting paid and put some real work on the ol’ resume!

Aight guys. I promise - daily updates until I get a job. Then I’m out of this game man. I’ll go back to doing some real writing.

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